Ayarh Ultrasonic Mini Humidifier with Night LED Lamp.

Ayarh's Stylish tower design is not only space saving but also an attractive design to have in the Lounge, Bedroom, Bedside, etc especially with its subtle blue night lamp on.

This advanced ultrasonic mini humidifier produces cool water mist WITHOUT any heating elements making it safe to use around children.

Ayarh moistens and refreshes the hot and dry air resulting from either summer heat or indoor heating during the cold season. This helps reduce dryness in the eyes, throat and skin.

The process of creating the fine water mist also produces negative ions known to clear dust, pollen, pet dander, most odours, etc from the air. This benefits the respiratory system and general well being. E.g helps ease breathing, relaxing, sleep better, may provide relief for cough and colds, etc.

Large Water Tank size: 700ml. Runs for approx. 6 hours on full tank.

Designed to automatically switch off when water runs out completely.

NOTE: This humidifier cannot be used with any oils.

Ayarh's Dimensions: Height: 25.7cm, Diameter: 13cm. Includes UK mains Adaptor and Users Manual in English.

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